The Right To Be Happy
             Living The Life You Want


  "Success and happiness come by challenging our perceptions and the way we communicate with ourselves and others.
Change starts within ourselves." - Hanna & Maximilien



My name is Hanna, and my passion in life is truly life in itself and all its components!

I was born in Sweden on the island of Gotland and was brought up in Visby. For those who didn’t visit the island yet I can proudly say- Do it! 

If somebody asks me where is home, I could not answer that by simply saying the name of a town. Spending six years living in different countries and with a passion for travelling I more feel that Europe is my home. Particularly the south… 

I studied nutrition and nursing in between Sweden and Spain, and today I’m building up my own company within the wellness industry in different regions of Europe. 

I feel happy and extremely privileged to together with Maximilien be able to share, inspire and teach principles I've been using for a while...and waouh they work ! 



My name is Maximilien, I was born in Strasbourg, France, from a french mother and an italian father.

After one year (and one week ;-) of studies in economics, I started working as an independant daytrader for 2 years. I quickly realized that I needed to connect with people instead of computers...

I have now a successful networking business growing all over the world, that allows me freedom and more time to share what I believe a whole lot more people should know about :-)

I am passionnate about human nature and helping people to free their potential.
I have always been fascinating how people are limiting their lives instead of tapping into their infinite possibilities!

I live now in Cote d'Azur, and enjoy traveling all around the world to inspire people to live a more abundant and rich life (Yes, we all can! ;-)